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Keelan: Let’s get on the school bus

by Opinion | September 9, 2013

Editor’s note: This op-ed is by Don Keelan, a certified public accountant and resident of Arlington. The piece first appeared in the Bennington Banner.

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Bob Orleck commented on this article.  The article is worth reading and the link is right above this line.

The “educational school bus” example is good in that it sets forth the layers of involvement that must work well to insure our children are properly educated. As mentioned, the Governor is the driver of the bus, and we need to scrutinize where he is going. He has proven himself to be untrustworthy in so many areas of governance and we need to consider a replacement driver.

If those others on the bus cannot do their job appropriately and it is becoming very apparent from the learning results reported that they are not, then maybe it is time for some of the folks to get off the bus and let others get on. So many folks have found success by removing their children from the public school bus and are homeschooling or enrolling their children in private or proven public schools. They did not like their children being on the same “ educational school bus” with those who were more interested in their union activity, salaries and benefits than in the “best interests” of the children.

Just considering the obscene amount of money we are wasting on no results, if spent to allow parents to choose a private or better public school, we all would be better off. Our children would be educated and we would be spending less money. We would not have to spend $18,000 per student per year to accomplish this. But those who advocate such are enemies of state and entrenched incompetents that are protected by it. It is clear that we cannot afford the cost and even more so we cannot afford failure and we do not have to accept it.

What we are seeing in the schools is no surprise when you consider the liberalization of all attitudes in our society. We have torn down what are traditional across the board and have allowed people to do whatever they want while at the same time preventing many, including people of faith, from being able to freely exercise their rights. We have become so permissive and have so willingly and methodically deconstructed the solid foundation that Americans used to construct the greatest nation ever built.

We better get a handle on this because when the foundation is totally torn out from under the building (our nation), it will collapse and we are seeing signs everywhere that it is happening and the results reported in this article are just one example and it should be no surprise that such is happening.

Until more folks wake up and realize that they cannot continue to countenance what supposed leaders are doing to us and to take back our lives and the lives of our children we are destined to destruction. That applies to our schools as well.

We can only keep damaging the foundation until one day the structure will fall.

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Sep 092013

Communities to governors and premiers: Fix wind’s problems before creating more

by Press Release | September 8, 2013

 News Release — Vermonters for a Clean Environment

September 6, 2013

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Comment made by Bob Orleck below:

I am so glad there are organized people who are working in opposition to wind turbines on our ridge lines that are destroying our environment. It is so puzzling to me why some people who truly care about the environment consider opposition to wind turbines a sin. Are they so wishful for a solution that they are willing to accept the fairy tale remedy to fossil fuels and nuclear energy that greedy money driven interests sell through the power driven politicians that they have purchased?

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