Mar 022016

Some wish that marijuana had never been illegal. Some wish it never existed. It does exist though and it is no longer criminal to possess a small amount of marijuana for personal use. We can’t undue the past and we must live with the present that the drug is plentiful and people will use it.

Marijuana was decriminalized years ago and that is what the state of the law is now! Yet so many people still get so exercised about the need to legalize it to prevent people from getting a criminal record for using it. Yet the truth is that no one gets arrested in Vermont for marijuana possession anymore.

So why this pressing need seen by some legislators to legalize marijuana? The answer is money, plain and simple and opportunity. The *proponents of this legislation know that there are a large number of people who want to legalize marijuana for differing reasons and they see the opportunity to use the legalization issue to motivate support from these groups to accomplish their completely different purpose. The proponents want to keep their true motives under the radar so they deceive by underestimating the amount of revenue they expect. The Joint Fiscal Office focuses primarily on local users and ignore those coming from out-of-state to buy, so called drug tourists.

These proponents want to create stores to sell the drug so they can bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue from the 25% on the product. I submit that these people could care less about the legalization issue. They claim they do and that legalization is about getting rid of the black market and illegal drug dealers. If the proponent’s real goal was to do that, all they would have to do would be to make growing and using small amounts of marijuana for personal use legal, period, and that would do it. Why would people buy illegal when they can easily grow their own legally?

But no, its about creation of legal stores and possibly as much as $75,000,000 in yearly tax revenue, most of which will come from drug tourists who will come, buy and drive impaired, killing some of us without a doubt. The love of money is the root of all evil and this legislation has deep evil roots this way. This will be dirty money taken in at the expense of Vermont’s citizens.

Let’s hope that the House of Representatives is wiser and more caring for our people as they deliberate.

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