Apr 052016

The following is a response by Bob Orleck to an opinion by Al Boright at http://vtdigger.org/2016/04/03/al-boright-pot-prohibition-a-bad-law/?utm_source=VTDigger+Subscribers+and+Donors&utm_campaign=b6c18ccbd6-Weekly+Update&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dc3c5486db-b6c18ccbd6-405544681

Response by Bob Orleck:

Mr. Boright’s attempt at humor with his “Let freedom ring. Let my people … grow” is as offensive as burning our American flag. Not every action that a person wants to do or substance that he wants to ingest is covered by the freedoms we enjoy in America. A person cannot go into a theater and yell “fire” and rely on the 1st Amendment freedom of speech to do so. If it is detrimental to the public the government has a legitimate role to play to prevent that act. To argue that our founding fathers intended that people’s desire to smoke pot is a freedom that is inherent in the founding documents is ludicrous.

To further the offense, he claims that Vermont Veterans died for the kind of freedom he speaks of. Mr. Boright owes an apology to all veterans who served and especially those who paid with their lives. Have you served Mr. Boright?

His “let my people…grow” comment also shows little knowledge on his part about this particular bill. It does not let people “grow” marijuana. To the contrary if they do the state will crack down on them and put them in jail because they are reducing the State of Vermont’s cartel take.

Finally I want to point to his ridiculous hypothetical of a daily charge for a year of possession and then even longer. It is so silly that it is childish in effect. Seems he is trying to prove the current law is so bad that he wants to equate potential penalty for possession of marijuana with murder. He does this by telling us the number of years that person would potentially serve if charged with the crime and given the maximum penalty each and every day for a year or even longer. Mr. Boright, what about the person or persons killed on our highways by marijuana impaired drivers? With this bill will come drug tourists and increased use that will result in more people dying because of them when they are impaired and drive.

The penalty for these dead citizens is exacted each and every day for an eternity and there is no chance for a pardon after they are gone.

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