Mar 092017
raging river

Did you ever stop and think about how courageous President Donald Trump really is?

Have you ever tried to swim against the current?  It’s much easier to be just gently pulled along by the flow.  The liberal-progressive waters he has entered are those very waters he has voluntarily chosen to enter each and every day for the next four and maybe eight years.

This flow, if not controlled, will overflow its banks and drown us all.  Anyone who tries to go against that current will be constantly beaten and battered by relentless mindless waves of opposition and the flood will continue until it takes you down or until you decide to give up and float over on your back and become a part of the movement.  Those that have done that are the likes of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Al Frankin and most other politicians today who would sell their soul for the temporary power they will gain here on earth.

President Trump is using every ounce of muscle and strength in each swim stroke in order to make even tiny progress toward getting us back to calmer and safer waters.

We need to pray for him and cheer him on and even help him not only drain the swamp but somehow change that dirty old water in the river.

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