Jul 242017

Guy Page is a good friend and an honorable guy who brings news in a nutshell through (State House Headliners.   Your Advocate in the Vermont Statehouse 802-505-0448   pagecommunications4vt@gmail.com   Facebook: Page Communications) Below is an example and those of you who are interested in the marijuana issue in Vermont would do well to subscribe to his service.   He is generally the first to get the real news out there on the issue and it is news that can be trusted.  In the report below, he addresses “saliva testing” for marijuana and gives a warning that the pro-pot legislators believe they will get a bill passed next year to legalize marijuana.

We have been successful the last two years warding off this evil for Vermont but what we are facing this next year is different.   While Governor Scott did veto the marijuana legalization bill (S.22), at the veto override session in June, he did come to an agreement with the pro-pot legislators to include language that he felt would meet his concerns.  Thanks to the Republicans in the House, the bill did not move to a vote because they refused to allow suspension of the rules that would have been required in the abbreviated special session.  Next January though, that bill will be on the desks of the House members for action.  We need to keep informed and not let up.   Most of you should have the contact information for the House members.  Please keep contacting them over the next six months and telling them how you feel about legalization.  Do the same for the Governor.   If you would like me to send you a contact list just ask by return email.

If you wish to be on a special mailing list that is being put together to keep you informed of Alerts that require action and other Vermont marijuana related issues, please email Bob Orleck at this email address or preferably at 300strong@randolphvtplaintalk.com.  We need to change minds of the Governor, the legislators and the public and show them the dangers that legalization of marijuana will bring to Vermont.

Please pass this on to others who would be interested and might want to join in this effort to save our state from this dangerous, addicting drug.

Bob Orleck,  300strong@randolphvtplaintalk.com


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